Jul 26 2015

What Great Auto Glass Replacement Companies In AZ Have In Common

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extra article2 When you are selecting auto glass replacement in Arizona there are some parameters that define great service. Trained professionals and lifetime warranty are some of them. You can trust them for a quick service and timely arrival.

Auto glass is important components of your vehicle. They can shatter or chip when they face an impact higher than the normal. A fast replacement is necessary to bring the vehicle back to normal working condition. Though your car can run without the windshield, a shattered piece can obstruct your view. A fast replacement allows you to drive the vehicle with safety. There are firms that provide replacement and repair services. They speed up the process and provide the best possible solution.

Features of a great service

Selecting a potent service can be a challenge. There are some pointers that help to select the right services. A professional auto glass replacement AZ has some salient features that make them stand out from average services:

  • A professional service is registered. They provide authentic parts and replacements that provide durability. Registration ensures that they go through stringent quality checks and present the best services. The warranty on your car is not affected, and there is an assurance that the vehicle receives best spare parts that will compliment its make and model.
  • The best services are not run by unskilled staff. The people who repair your windshields have gone through stringent training modules to reach perfection. These people have years of experience under their belts and provide the best possible service. They detect the defect quickly and solve the problem with ease.
  • The windshield can have many issues, and a sound replacement service can address them completely. They can replace a shattered glass or repair a chip on the surface that may affect clarity. They have the right equipment for servicing. You can trust them for a variety of glasses of high quality.
  • Time is an important factor in any repair service. An efficient firm can replace and resolve the biggest of issues in a matter of minutes. It takes them a time span of thirty to thirty-five minutes to complete a replacement.
  • A good service should add something extra. The experts inspect your car and replace worn out parts. They add value to your experience by a robust customer service. The staff reaches within the same day of the call and saves your time. The people at the help desk are courteous and guide you regarding repair process.
  • Quality comes with promise, and a reputed firm provides a lifetime warranty on replacements. It is a great value addition to your vehicle. They refund the entire amount if a chip repair cracks. These professionals carry high standards of ethics when it comes to customer service. They are available seven days a week.
  • Insurance coverage is another important factor that any reputed repair service will provide. They guide you to find an insurer in your region. The services are compliant with insurance terms.

For a potent service

A thorough research can provide names of the best services. Check the registration status before you select auto glass replacement AZ. These services are transparent in their trade. You can visit sites like http://www.phoenixmobileglass.com for understanding the specifications in details. These services provide assurance of quality with proper warranty and insurance coverage.


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May 26 2015

Breaking Down The Windshield Replacement Process

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extra article1Summary: Professionals have a systematic approach for windshield replacement process. They prepare the interiors of the vehicle and prepare it prior to installation. Superior quality glass and use of advanced technology determine its success.

The windshield is an integral part of the safety regime of your vehicle. Damaged windshields compromise the safety. Internationally repair of windshields is accepted to protect the structural integrity of the vehicle. It acts as a safety shield for passengers. A windshield comprises of a laminated glass where in between two glass layers, polyvinyl butyral is applied. During the manufacturing process, heat and pressure applied to these three layers, give it the appearance of a single layer. When flying objects hit this screen, these get stuck in PVB layer reducing the safety threat of passengers. Replacing a damaged windshield is a complex procedure, and competent repair services can help you in this endeavor.

Few important steps

The main aim of any repair service is to prevent the crack from spreading, improve the optical quality of the affected area and restore structural integrity. Based on the severity of the crack, professionals decide whether you need to repair the windshield or replace it. Professionals follow a windshield replacement process in accordance with the guidelines of the automobile industry.

  • Prior to replacing the windshield, professionals ensure the safety of interiors. Interiors of the vehicle are covered to protect the bodywork.
  • Professionals inspect traces of cracks, rust, corrosion and other factors in the frame; that mighteven affect the new windshield.
  • Glue or seals used for holding the windshield are removed, followed by the glass. In this process, you gave to remove the molding and wipers. If required you have to cut the windshield and remove it.
  • With the appropriate tool, you have to trim the urethane bead. Now clean the debris for a better fit of the windshield.
  • Next step is the application of urethane and primer. Based on humidity, temperature and other details of the vehicle professionals choose an appropriate adhesive. Usually, urethane is s preferred choice of professionals. For pinchwelding the surface as the primer is applied. The windshield is cleaned and in the perimeter glass prep is applied. After this, you have to apply primer and urethane adhesive.
  • Now, you have to set the windshield at a perfect level. Just reset the molding and reinstall cowl, wipers and other parts that were detached at the onset of glass removal process.
  • After installing the windshield, check it for leaks.Speak to the installer regarding the time required for the adhesive to dry. However, this depends on the nature of adhesive and atmospheric conditions. It is wise not to use the car till it is not cured fully. Prior to the delivery of your car after replacement, you also need to inspect the interior of your car.

Adherence to the guideline

The quality of windshields plays an important role in determining the success of this procedure. Use of different tools and thorough inspection by professionals during windshield replacement process marks its success. Professionals follow these steps ardently and assure safe replacement of the windshield. All these steps are recommended by the council dealing with the safety of auto glass. The majority of the repair services provide a guarantee on the new windshield; that is if it is damaged within a year, you can get a free service for repair.


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Dec 22 2014

Who To Call For Windshield Replacement In Phoenix

kw1When it comes to replacement of your car windshield, the entire process can be tricky and time-consuming. There are a number of car maintenance service providers who offer you comprehensive solution regarding windshield replacement in Phoenix.

An integral part of your car or vehicle is the windshield. Windshields are made of specially prepared glass that goes through a number of processing steps. Auto glass used for manufacturing of windshields are tempered and laminated that makes them stronger and safer than ordinary glass. Windshields, once damaged beyond repair, need to be replaced with immediate effect. A cracked and broken windshield causes impairment of the driver’s vision that might result in further accidents or collision mishaps. In addition, a fractured windshield enhances the degree of damage caused by an untoward incident. You will do best to call in a professional to get your windshield replaced. The replacement procedure involves a number of proficient steps.

Steps involved in the replacement process

The steps undertaken by professionals while going about your car windshield replacement phoenix are as follows:

  • At first a suitable replacement windshield is obtained for your vehicle. Such windshields are available in a wrecker’s yard. Fresh windshields are also available at the local auto part shops. Whether new or second hand, the windshield is chipped and trimmed using a razor to bring to the perfect shape your car needs.
  • The plastic surrounding the sides and top mouldings are removed carefully. The clips that hold on to the mouldings are specific to the particular vehicle in question.
  • A cold knife is used to cut away the urethane from the outer side of the pinch weld and the glass. Urethane is a strong material that holds the windshield in place. It is flexible and absorbs shock in case of driving jerks or an impact and prevents it from adversely affecting the windshield. Cutting away the urethane is a tricky process and can only be done proficiently by the expert hands of a professional. Many an installer uses power cutters in place of cold knives. Using it saves time but may put perfection at stake. Power cutters can cause damage to the metallic portion of the vehicle.
  • Next is the preparation of the pinch weld. The pinch weld is cleaned of any dirt using a brush and plain water. If there is any rust on the metallic portion, it must be gotten rid of, and exposed metallic parts are primed.
  • Primer specially corresponding to Lutheran adhesive is used to open up the molecules present in the frit band. Using the primer ensures that the glass is prepared to accept the Lutheran molecules. After the activation of the glass, the molding is attached followed by the Lutheran.
  • The Lutheran is applied in the respective area using an electric caulking gun. As the last step, the new windshield is aligned and placed carefully in the slot and left to dry and get set for some time.

Professionals provide best assistance                                                                                                    

Windshield replacement is a difficult process that needs adequate skills and expertise. An expert and skilled car maintenance personnel can serve you perfectly when it comes to replacing your car windshield. As such, it is wisest to call in a professional for windshield replacement in Phoenix.

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Sep 22 2014

Are Windshield Manufacturers All In China?

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kw2Windshields are important features of any automobile. They are glass panels that not only enable the driver to have a clear view, but it also acts as a protection against the possibility of flying debris and pieces of glass in case of accidents. These windshields are made of glass that is specially processed to serve the above purposes. Laminated and Tempered glass is used for the purpose of manufacturing of windshields. Auto glass and windshields are manufactured not only in China but all around the world. There are premium windshield manufacturing companies in the USA. Manufacturing of auto glass and windshields involve a number of steps those are complicated and highly technical.

Steps involved in the manufacturing process

Glass is composed of compounds like silica, sodium oxide, and calcium oxide that are derived from raw materials like soda ash, and limestone. There are several other oxides contained in glass used for the manufacture of windshields. These compounds are potassium oxide, magnesium oxide and aluminium oxide. The windshield manufacturers follow the following steps while manufacturing windshields.

  • The raw materials used are weighed in correct amounts and are mixed with a little bit of water to avoid segregation. Broken pieces of waste glass or cullet are also added to the mixture.
  • Automotive glass is manufactured by the use of the float process. In this procedure, the mixture of raw materials is heated till it attains a molten state after which it is fed into a molten tin bath.
  • After the glass comes out of the float chamber, it is transferred with the help of rollers into another chamber called Lehr. It is here that the glass is annealed or cooled in a gradual process. After the glass comes out of the Lehr, it cools down to room temperature. At this stage, the glass is very hard and ready to be cut to shape.
  • A diamond cutter or scribe is used to cut the glass into shape in the next step. Diamond is the hardest material available naturally and is efficient in making cut marks on the glass surface. The glass is then snapped or broken along the cut marks. The glass piece is put in a metallic mould where it is again heated to the temperature when it slumps to the shape of the shape of the mould.
  • After the step of shaping the glass, it goes through a hardening process called tempering. The glass is rapidly heated initially to a temperature of about fifteen hundred Fahrenheit before being blasted with cold air jets. This process, called quenching, toughens the glass by putting a compression on the outer surface and tension on the inside.
  • As the last step, the glass goes through a lamination process where two sheets of glass are bonded mechanically and chemically using a special plastic material called PVB.

A few specifications to be met                                                  

The safety glass that is used for making windshields must meet some specifications regarding strength, impact resistance and chemical durability. There are a number of established windshield manufacturers in Phoenix, AZ, as well as all over the US.

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Feb 05 2014

Windshield Replacement Only Takes An Hour

The windshield is an essential component of your car. It not only provides you with a clear view of the road ahead while you are driving, but also protects you and the other occupants of the vehicle from severe injuries during a mishap or collision. Windshields are made of specially prepared glass for the specific purpose. This type of glass goes through a series of processing steps such as laminating and tempering which makes it strong, durable and shatterproof. When it comes to replacing your windshield, it is not an easy task. It is both a complicated and time-consuming process when carried out by an untrained or inexperienced hand. However, skilled professionals who are certified and experienced in the field may complete the task neatly and efficiently in an hour’s time.

Steps involved in windshield replacement process

A professional auto glass and windshield replacement and repair technician uses the following steps to replace your windshield:

  • He first obtains a suitable windshield for replacing the old one. New brand specific, original windshields are the best replacement option for your car. Unbranded and second-hand windshields are also readily available in the market. It is your call as a car owner, which option you want to go for.
  • After tearing the seal of the new windshield, the technician carefully cuts the utherane between the pinch weld and the damaged glass from the outer side using a cold knife. Installers may also use a power cutter for this task
  • The pinch weld is then cleaned of any dirt with a brush and plain water. He takes care to scrape off any rusted area around the pinch weld. The bare metallic areas are primed.
  • In the next step, he prepares the glass, to be fitted, with a primer that is suitable for the utherane adhesive. This process ensures that the glass accepts the utherane molecules for a solid bond.
  • Then, the technician applies the utherane in the correct slot using an electric caulking gun. The pinch weld must be free from oil, dirt and other contaminants before the application of the adhesive. This job can be done without an electric gun as well, but it might take longer to do it this way. Also, the application might not be consistent if done manually and there are possibilities of the appearance of leaks.
  • In the final step, the installer places the windshield in the respective slot. He carefully aligns the top, the bottom and the sides of the glass by sight. Vehicles with a mounting block for supporting the bottom of the windshield offer some assistance to the technician. Some other vehicles might not have this feature. He is careful not to contaminate the frit band with oil and dirt.

Skilled professionals finish it in an hour

There are several auto glass repair and replacement companies in and around Phoenix, AZ, those provide prompt and quick services pertaining to windshield replacement. These companies have on board experienced and certified technicians who replace your windshield with great competence and within about an hour.

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Dec 19 2013

What Makes Car Windshield Glass Safe?

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kw4Windshield safety glass is manufactured in such a way that it protects the occupants from injury in case of accidents. They also save us from harmful UV rays and external noise.

Windshields are made of a special kind of safety glass which is a deliberate effort to provide maximum safety in case of any accident, mishap, catastrophe, calamity, etc. If there is an accident, there is a chance of glass breaking and debris flying into the car causing serious injury to its occupants. To save the occupants from such severe injuries, the windshields are safe options. Windshields also guard the car’s occupants from wind and flying fragments of dust, rocks and insects. Apart from these, the laminated glass reduces the high-frequency sound transmission and also blocks ninety-seven percent of ultraviolet rays.

Assorted safety features   

Windshields are made using a process of lamination. This process involves:

  • Two pieces of glass joined together with a slight layer of vinyl between them.
  • These three pieces are then laminated collectively by applying pressure and heat in a unique oven known as autoclave.

When this safety glass is struck by a small object, usually only the external coating of the windshield is struck, and it breaks. However, in the case of a severe impact, there is a shattering of the glass, but it typically does not fly away from each other as these broken pieces usually adhere to the vinyl internal lining. The rear and side windows of the car are made using the following process:

  • Tempered glass is used in the windows, which is formed by heating glass to more than eleven hundred degree Fahrenheit.
  • Then it is cooled rapidly. This process is called “tempering” and the glass becomes a lot stronger than the un-tempered glass that has the same thickness.
  • If the tempered glass breaks, it will disintegrate into tiny pieces of glass, each resembling the size of rock salt. No large, serrated pieces will be there which can cause injury to the driver or the occupants of the vehicle.

The windshield safety glass also protects the passengers in various other ways. The windshields provide a respite from external noise by cutting it out. It enhances the parameter of glass with respect to the noise transmission.  Such windshields ensure maximum comfort and thus result in safety and health of the drivers along with the passengers. This is done by:

  • Providing three layers of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) film in the glass.
  • Using normal PVB layer in two external layers.
  • Creating a central layer using specific PVB composition that can dampen the mechanical and acoustic vibration.

Along with the noise, the safety glass protects the occupants of the car from the different ultraviolet radiations such as UVA, UVB and UVC. This feature is achieved by:

  • Triple layer arrangement of the laminated glass contains UV inhibitors that do not allow any UV transmission through it.
  • The process of tempering gives strength to the glass that blocks a large amount of UVB.

Maintaining safety standards   

These are a few protective features of windshield safety glass. Today, all automobile manufacturers need to adhere to these standards as far as safety features of windshields are concerned. Protect your family from the harmful external forces. An expert auto assistant can provide you the best.

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Oct 01 2013

Options For Fixing Auto Glass In Scottsdale

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kw5Auto glass is the key to the safety of your vehicle, so it is wise to choose the best repair services when you have a cracked windshield. Here are a few keys to help you to choose a reliable agency.

Auto glass is integral to the safety of your vehicle. A simple chip on the windshield can cause major havoc if not fixed on time. Replacing or fixing a chipped or cracked windshield is more than a mere cosmetic concern. The safety of your vehicle and passengers depend on the condition of your windscreen. It protects passengers from debris smashing on it when the car is in motion. Good condition of a windshield ensures the protection of passengers. Cracks also hinder the clear vision of a driver of the road. It can distract the driver a major threat to your safety. Often fixing the crack might worsen so replacing the auto glass is essential.

Choose reliable services

For immediate and effective service, it is wise to choose the best and reliable name in this genre. Different agencies cater windshield repair services to add value to you vehicle. A guarantee often backs services of local companies specializing in repairing auto glass in Scottsdale. From the wide milieu, if options, choosing experienced one ensures fast relief. It is wise to choose the best service to ensure your safety. Following few points will make it fast and seamless.

  • A thorough background check is essential prior to choosing any glass repair service. You can have a look at the reviews by clients who have already availed the service. Any good contractor will provide you references happy customers. Evaluating the feedback of references can also be a good option.
  • Communication is integral to the relationship between client and a service provider. Assess the response time of repair services in case of any emergency. Clear communication with service providers ensures that no legal issue will crop in due time.
  • Keep a note of different vendors, and suppliers associated with the repair service. Once you know the different products used for the repair service, you can stay stress-free regarding the quality of your service. Ensure that only branded, and superior quality parts are used for the auto glass repair service.
  • The financial record of repair service is another important factor that you need to consider. You can speak to the suppliers and other vendors to get an insight about the payment history of the repair.
  • Prior to the initiation of this process, get a detailed quote of your services. Always insist on a written contract citing information of different charges levied on the repair service. Verbal job estimates are not accepted legally. Final estimates of any repair services are based accurate inspection of auto glass.
  • Ensure that terms of payment are also mentioned in the contract. Once you have received the estimate compare it with those provided by other reputed repair services, this will help you to strike a better deal.

Do not rush

Adherence to the local regulation is an important attribute; this will protect you from legal complications in the future. It is wise not to rush, in the process of identifying the best repair service. Irrespective of the auto glass Scottsdale agency you choose, no-obligation quotation of services is mandatory. As per experts, you need to pay the repair services, only if you are satisfied with the results.

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