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Tomorrow Sleep

There has been a recent push in new mattress brands. Companies are expanding the boundaries of what makes a great mattress and how to sell that mattress to you. The result is mattress made from a variety of materials. The newest craze is mattress sold direct and delivered via a mail service in a box. The Tomorrow Sleep Mattress is one of these cutting-edge, new brands.

The company is not exactly new as this brand is a branch of Serta. However, they are employing new practices. Hybrid mattresses have become all the rage these days. They combine memory foam with spring or coil construction. The goal is to offer the best of both worlds from each construction. It prevents a consumer from having to choose one over the other. The mattress comes to you rolled in a box! This can be a bit surprising at first. It is easy to assume that no decent mattress can be rolled up and stuffed in a box. The reality is that they can and are stuffed in boxes and once they flatten out you would never have known the previous state.

The mattress comes in two densities. Technically they are medium soft and medium firm, but in reality, it is kind of soft and kind of firm. They do not truly take a stance on this and there is not a huge difference between the two. If you are looking for extremes, either soft or firm, this is not the mattress choice for you. It is also not a favorite for heavier people as the middle of the road density is just too squishy.

With all that said, if you like a medium density mattress, this hybrid is on par with models more than double the price. It is a comfortable sleeping bed, but more markedly it is a cool sleeping bed. This company has constructed the bed with technology that maximizes airflow and transfers heat away from the body. It keeps your body at a minimum temperature to encourage sleep.

The best part of this mattress is the price. It is on the low end of pricing for hybrid mattresses. Once it is out of the box you really have no clue that it is less expensive than other hybrids. Conversely, it is not exactly the least expensive mattress on the market. Even though it is a good deal for a hybrid it is still a pricey mattress. Look to spend close to a thousand dollars to purchase a mattress. All in all, it is a comfy mattress with a novel selling channel.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress utilizes several layers of memory foam, which includes an inch that is quilted into the cover. This is designed to provide the sleeper with an authentic memory foam experience. This type of construction makes it possible for the mattress to have a focus on pressure relief that should provide the feeling of sinking down into the mattress. This is a plus for individuals who sleep on their sides.


Made out of a tencel-cotton blend, the cover of the mattress is extremely soft. Tencel is essentially an eco-friendly fabric made from trees and it is renowned for being very breathable. Furthermore, a 1-inch layer of gel memory foam is quilted into the cover. This assists in relieving pressure and contouring the body. In addition, gel memory foam does a remarkably good job of remaining cool to safeguarding against the surface becoming too hot while sleeping. It has been found that the mixture of the Tencel material with the gel memory will add up to a soft, comfy cover layer, which does an incredible job of preserving a comfortable temperature for the body.

Middle Layers

Two layers of memory foam are used below the cover of the Nectar mattress to form the comfort layer. After you have made it through the inch of gel memory foam that has been quilted into the cover, you will discover a layer of memory foam that is 3 inches thick. This layer responds to pressure very slowly and assists in relieving pressure and distributing weight. In addition to the layer of gel memory foam in the cover, this layer assists in contouring to the body so that the sleeper will benefit from a classic memory foam Nectar mattress review rave about.

The layer after that one is an additional sheet of memory foam. This one is intended to serve as a transition coating from the plush upper layers before it gets to the base layer underneath. While this is still a memory foam variety, it responds a bit faster to pressure and is a bit springier than the layers above. It also provides pressure relief; however, it has added bounce to assure the sleeper does not get stuck.

The Base Layer

Dense poly foam is used on the base of the mattress. The layer provides support for the comfort layers and creates the base of the mattress. This helps to keep its shape and prevents the sleeper from falling through.